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1 January 2014

Early morning I take the first train from Tokyo to Enoshima for the first sun of 2014.

First sun of the year has so meaningful for Japansese people. There are many Japaneses come to the beach near Enoshima just to see the first sun with their happiness.

So now, I already have enough energy to challenge this year and I can share to you as well :)

Happy New Year 2014 to everyone :D

7 December 2013

Time to say goodbye to autumn color this year in Japan.

After this week, leafs will soon disappear from their trees and real winter is already coming.

Last weekend I just take a rest from every week traveling for autumn color in November by walk slowly in some Tokyo parks. Koishikawa Korakuen, one of the most beautiful park in Tokyo, Yoyogi park and Ueno park are my peaceful week destinations.

December is a month of happiness. Wish everyone have a very good time in this month and after new year, life must go on again :D

PS. My Adobe Lightroom 5.2 still can’t read .NEF from Nikon Df. I have to modify exif data to Nikon D4 instead :P

4 December 2013

I’ve got my new camera that remind me to my dad. And yes … It’s Nikon Df in black colour :D

I’m not gonna review it here because I think there are so many reviews about this camera already.

Now I’m just waiting for the weekend to come that I can bring my old new friend for photography :D

30 November 2013

It’s my forth time in Kyoto since 2010.

Absolutely this period, I visit Kyoto for Autumn color and crowded everywhere here during the weekend.

After arrived Kyoto station by Shinkansen, directly move to Kinkakuji Temple where Golden Pavilion located there and it should be the special day for me because it’s a blue sky day :)

I have plan to visit Kiyomizu-dera during evening time to see the light up so in the afternoon, I still have a few hours. The destination is a strange place for others where is Itsukushima shrine near by Kyoto Imperial Palace. Not crowded here in such a big garden, It’s a nice rest before evening come.

Then I arrive Kiyomizu-dera where is another very crowded place as always.I immerse in temple with Autumn color view here in the whole evening time till the light up come. I can realize that just seeing the photo in internet is totally different than my real experience. Nothing less but you will get more from traveling.

The next day starting from Tenryuji temple in Arashiyama area. Big beautiful area in west of Kyoto always attracts everyone who visit here in every season. This is one of the must place in Japan I can say :)

I have not much time here because I have a big plan in the evening before Shinkansen back to Tokyo as well which is going to the top of Mt.Inari. Then I can just walk passing Tenryuji temple through Bamboo Groves and end there at Togetsukyo Bridge.

After lunch, heading cross from west to east of Kyoto, Tofukuji temple is the destination before last place in Inari. This very large Zen temple is also one of the best place for autumn color. Momiji is everywhere in the temple and the best view is from Tsutenkyo Bridge inside.

Finally time to challenge Fushimi-Inari come. I arrive here around 3PM and start walking to the top of Mt.Inari. Everytime I visit Kyoto, I have to come here in Inari where is my most favorite place in Kyoto. Until now, I still can’t find the answer why I love this place so much. Thousands of torii gates I walk pass just make me fall in love every time.

Almost 5PM I reach to the top, it’s time to go back to Tokyo for the working day coming. And now … I’m waiting for my fifth :D

24 November 2013

Come back here again in Takao after completely 3 years.

Takao is the mountain in Tokyo with very nice city and Fujisan view point. This is the reason why it’s one of the most favorite hiking place for Tokyo people.

During this time, autumn color is also here in Takao. When I arrived in early morning, this place is already crowded and I have to wait in very long line for cable car (no energy to walk actually hahaha).

Walking and hiking around with plenty of Japanese people up to the top of Takao, even I feel a bit tired on my leg but my mind is fully fresh with the weather and the color of autumn as always. Fujisan also show herself from the top of Takao that is very nice weekend for me :)

The way back to the train station also need very long wait but Takao, hiking and dango are reminding me to come back here again in the future … Yes, I will come back :D


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