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8 March 2014

Today I’ve got my new toy which is a little printer, Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1.

This is actually photo printer for smartphone but the special thing is it uses Fujifilm Instax mini film instead of paper and ink!!!

In the box , simply, only manual, warranty card, free 2 CR2 Lithium batteries and yes … the printer, Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 with nothing more than that :)

Application on your smartphone which you need to download is ‘instax SHARE’ from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. I’m not gonna show the application using method by photos because it’s very simple. The printer give you WIFI signal for smartphone connection and you need only connect, select the picture and push one button for print only (actually you can edit your photo with many templates in this application as well) :D

With CR2, it’s claimed that approximately 100 prints and Fujifilm also has AC power adapter AC-5VX sold separately.

The weight of Instax Share SP-1 is roughly about 300g(+) with battery and film also the size is quite small (Instax mini camera size) that I think it’s very easy to bring it out to enjoy new kind of photography.

… Now my photography will be more fun :D

4 December 2013

I’ve got my new camera that remind me to my dad. And yes … It’s Nikon Df in black colour :D

I’m not gonna review it here because I think there are so many reviews about this camera already.

Now I’m just waiting for the weekend to come that I can bring my old new friend for photography :D

17 September 2013

I’ve received new camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 sent by Yodobashi.

More than one year after last June 2012 that was the time I started to try Micro Four Thirds system with Olympus OM-D E-M5.

In the box, Software CD, Manual, Charger, Battery, Sync. cable, Strap and GX7 body all put in such a small cubic.

Today I haven’t tried that much on this camera because this is the first time I have to read the camera manual. Why? Panasonic in Japan is selling digital camera only in Japanese menu Hahahaha

Then starting from tonight, I need sometimes to get used to GX7 and later I will put the photos from my travel here as usual. :D

Almost one year since I came back from Japan … Now it’s time for new fly.

Destination is not new. :)

Japan … My beloved place. I hope I will have such a happy time in fall and winter but I need to pass the edge of summer first on next month :D

Also hope that I have more things to be shared here …

… See you there :D

“It was all started by a Mouse”

Yes. It’s Mickey Mouse from Disney

Today I received the parcel from Hong Kong contained my new notebook from Moleskine.
Nowadays I often jot down or note anything on my tablet but I still love to write something on Moleskine as well.

Why? Moleskine is the notebook that you can write in every action of yours.
It always spreads out smoothly and feeling of the paper they choose is very nice.

The specialty of this limited edition is that it comes with small instruction teaching you how to draw the well-loved mouse.
Inside the cover is also full of Mickeys.

Quality control sticker is different from other editions of Moleskine as well.

The last thing to tell is the cover of the cover. I won’t leave it in the bin for sure because at the back side has each generation of Mickey Mouse drawing in each period.

Now I have 7 empty Moleskine notebooks in my hand and not so sure that when I can finished them. Anyway I still keep buying the limited edition one from this Legendary notebooks I love :D


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